The Changing Seasons in Fashion for Women

The clothes, shoes and accessories that are in fashion today, will be out the next day, and women need to be updated regularly about these. Most women like to keep it stylish as long as the whole expense behind the maintenance is not too heavy for their purse. Being well updated about fashion requires some basic knowledge about the leading and popular brands of the industry, even if you are not a supermodel or a glam fashionista. Keeping yourself smart and pleasing to the eye not just helps you being an important figure in your work place but also at your family life. Kids love if their mother is well dressed; men pay more attention when they find their wife attractive and smart. Even parents feel proud when they see their daughter not just well-kept in work but also in the appearance.

Fashion is not something of the external, and women need to understand that. Fashion is the inner beauty reflected through your appearance. Being a “plain Jane” is no credit, for anyone can be that without any effort at all. All you need to do is not blow dry your hair or style it for a few weeks and wear your grandma’s discarded clothes. And also, wear no makeup and use the oldest shoes available to your neighbor’s mother. So, just a few abdications of a regular maintenance and any glamorous girl can be passed off as a “plain Jane”.

However, such shabby appearances will get you nowhere. It is not necessary that you keep on changing your wardrobe every season like celebrities, but just to keep in mind that different seasons have different flavors will help you learn how to keep up with the changes in fashion or women and yet not be baffled.

Let us start with summer. Summer is the time when you need to let go of ll your inhibitions and just feel free. Wear light fabric like cotton or mixtures of cotton. Keep the color floral and pastel, like pink, blue, green, mauve and even white. Try your level best to avoid black in the summers. And also try to avoid very blunt and dull colors. This is not the time to feel drab. This is your time to have a ball!

If your local weather allows you a good rain, then grab colorful raincoats in light materials for the downpours. If you are the somber type of person, you can also get single colored raincoats in shades of steel grey or grayish blue or even dusty brown. Such colors go with your personality and also keep you safe from the drops.

For autumn, colors of the fall are just appropriate. Something to do with brown, rust, midnight blue, and olive. Autumn is both famous among poets and fashion people alike for the sadness of losing summer and also the joy of welcoming winter. You can choose whichever mood you want your clothes to reflect for you. Let your mood decide your clothes, and not the opposite. Remember, you are boss. You will know what is best for you, and not the drab clothes that are perhaps stacked in your closet for years.

And then comes the winter, with jingling bells and the promise of Christmas. This is again, like summer, the time to be bold and beautiful. Get your bright and bold colors out and combine them with colored scarves or mufflers and coats and furs. But do always keep in mind that you need to keep your winter clothes moth-free, so take good care to clean them before you wear them in the winter.

The fashion for men also changes with seasons, if not faster than that of women, then at least equally.

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